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Italian sport chic: Ferrari and Armani collaboration

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06 Nov 2019

The Italian company Ferrari, famous for its luxury sports cars, will team up with Armani fashion house to increase sales of premium clothing and accessories. Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri decided to develop production and make his brand competitive in the fashion market - while all the things and accessories of the automobile concern are seen by consumers more like souvenirs.

In order not to undermine the prestige of the brand, things will be produced in the luxury segment and will comply with the general pricing policy of the brand - the cost of Ferrari cars reaches several million dollars. Managers expect to increase the company's total profit by selling clothing and accessories by about 10%, and later bring it into the category of independent fashion brands. These reforms will be followed by a sharp increase in prices for Ferrari clothes that you can buy now.  Most often it can be found in souvenir shops and duty free departments.

The agreement with the fashion house Armani is designed for several years. During this time, companies will develop a line of sports and practical clothing designed for people who love an active lifestyle.  Armani has experience working with sports collections - they created uniforms for the Italian national football team, as well as dressed professional runners and basketball players.

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