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Top List of Forbes Most Influential People in the Fashion Industry

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06 Dec 2019

Forbes has released its annual rating of “30 to 30” - a list of six hundred young innovators and trendsetters who, in the opinion of the magazine’s editors, influence the development of the world, including the fashion industry, and are shaping our world in 2020.

This year, the list included the names of young and talented designers, models and retailers who contributed to the development of the industry.  Noting current trends in vegan fashion and eco-friendly manufacturing, the magazine also singled out rating spots for activists, who prohibit the use of fur in clothing, as well as brands that promote the principles of vegan fashion and the use of recycled materials.

For example, the American brand Apparis, which released a collection of bright clothes made of faux fur, was included in the rating. The brand popularizes the idea that vegan fashion and affordable price can coexist without compromising on style and quality.


Another bright discovery of the fashion industry is designer Sarah Abbasi and her brandSahroo. Sarah creates wedding dresses from biodegradable pure silk, hand-decorated with silk ribbons, silk threads and recycled glass crystals.


In addition, the ranking included co-founders of Choosy, Jessie Zeng and Mo Zhou. With the help of analytical data and analysis of social networks, Choosy identifies the most relevant fashion trends. Based on this information, the company determines the needs of customers, their interest in a particular clothing model. Understanding what demand will be for this or that item, it is possible to reduce not only financial costs, but also the consumption of materials. This is a completely new approach to creating clothes and new collections.


The list also included model and designer Emily Ratajkowski, editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue Lindsay Peoples Wagner, jewelry designer Jess Hannah Révész, designers Macy Schloss, Lisa Ku, Reese Cooper and many others.

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