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Trendy fur coats 2020: what to look out for

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The M. I. R. 277 fashion show was held in Moscow and several designers took a part in it. The young brand Popov Fur was among them. The designer clearly showed how the approach to fur is changing.

In place of classic solutions, including colour, come bolder ideas. Through the use of asymmetrical patterns, the designer made the collection more youthful and in the spirit of the time. In some models, the emphasis is on the waist, but otherwise most silhouettes are oversized.

Combined models trimmed with coloured fur look very interesting - they look more dynamic in this way. Such solutions meet the needs of a young audience, which considers fur not as a status symbol, but wear it just to keep warm in winter. 

At the same time, the main feature of the collection is the colour solutions: bright, daringand contrasting colours attract attention, prints are wanted to look at and study. And we are talking not only about colour blocks, but also about some bold step.

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