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Victoria Beckham’s Fashion Brand Is At Stake

Victoria Beckham's brand reported losses: according to published data, in 2018 the company lost $15.6 million. And this is not the first case.

Analysts claim that the business of David Beckham's wife has been unprofitable since its founding in 2008. For eleven years, Victoria’s project has not been profitable, and the company has so far failed to break even. In recent years, Beckham and the management company have made attempts to rectify the situation, however, neither a decrease in the cost of clothes, nor collaboration, nor the launch of their own cosmetics line have brought results.

The situation is complicated by the fact that not only Victoria's fashion brand suffers losses, but also her joint company Beckham Brand Holdings with her husband, whose revenue last year dipped by 18%.

But Victoria said that it takes more time for a business to start making a profit, but she believes that they have taken the right course.

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