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What a Fashion! Celine Dion’s Shoes Amused Fans

Celine Dion was never too shy about trying on bright outfits and new trends. And now the famous singer amazed everyone with a really fabulous new pair of shoes. Celine posted a photo on Instagram, where she posed in a red sequined dress with her knees elegantly bent before her Christmas tree. But not sparkles and balls attracted the attention of fans.

“You have flaming chickens on your feet!”, fans commented on the unexpected photo. One cannot disagree with them. The singer appeared in heels that seem to be wrapped in strips of red, orange, and yellow crepe paper with a bird head as a decoration. No doubt, such shoes are definitely not for everyone.

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Fans couldn’t stop disputing, but no one recognized a proud phoenix. The shoes were made by Toronto set design Caitlin Doherty. They’re titled “Courage” after Dion’s latest studio album.