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Farfetch.com Launches Sustainable Fashion Section

The Digital fashion platform Farfetch.com has launched the Positively Conscious section for brands that meet the standards and requirements of green manufacturing. As part of the Positively Farfetch mission, we can shop Conscious Edits for Men, Women and Kids and see Positively Farfetch FAQs for details of how they select the brands and products they feature. Thanks to this innovation, Farfech customers can make an informed purchase based on the information provided on the platform.

Farfetch.com is partnering with Good On You. Representatives of this agency communicated with supporters of the concept of sustainable development and, based on the results, developed a rating system for evaluating companies according to three criteria: protecting animals, caring for the environment, and ensuring decent working conditions.


Entitled ‘Positively Farfetch’, the strategy consists of four key pillars: Positively Cleaner (cutting emissions, reducing plastic waste, and so on); Positively Conscious (being transparent around the environmental, social and animal impacts of brands and products); Positively Circular (designing waste out of fashion) and Positively Changing (supporting innovative startups and offering green micro-loans to shoppers).