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Gucci and Snap Introduced AR-friendly Glasses

Lifestyle Read min 06.12.2019 18:23

Snap, in collaboration with director Harmony Korin and Gucci, has developed its augmented reality glasses strategy. Partnership with Gucci is a carefully thought out move. The company needed to make its product more stylish, and Gucci knows everything about fashion. “Gucci really understands the deep emotional side of fashion. To get people excited about putting products on, they can't just be a utility”, says director Steend Strand.

More recently, Snap released Spectacles 3 sunglasses equipped with a camera. The model has two cameras, which helps to shoot photos and videos in 3D.

However, this time the new Spectacles x Gucci glasses excelled themselves. Spectacles 3 adds two HD cameras for depth perception, a more fashionable design and a higher price at $380. After capturing three-dimensional photos and videos, users can then layer on AR effects to the content on their phone.

At the party, devoted to limited-edition collection, the Duck Duck short movie was shot using Spectacles x Gucci glasses.

Director Steend Strand says: “Right now, we think about computing as something we do on our phone or our computer. In the future, with eyewear and other technologies, we can make computing seamlessly work with us.”

As part of the project, Snap and Gucci invited three pairs of creators to develop 3D effects that will be available to Spectacles 3 users starting 6 December, and which appear in the film.