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Melania Trump Introduced Her 2019 White House Christmas Decorations

Lifestyle Read min 02.12.2019 19:26

Preparations for the Christmas celebration are in full swing, and Donald Trump’s family has already decorated the White House for the holiday. First Lady, Melania Trump posted a video in which she took a tour of the presidential residence and showed holiday decorations.

The video lasts about a minute, and during this time, Melania guides the viewer through the halls and corridors of the White House, which have been generously decorated for the upcoming holiday. For the video, the President Trump’s wife chose a cream coat, as well as a tight-fitting dress of milky color - to match the main colors of the exhibition.

Gold and white dominate in the Christmas decor, but are diluted with brighter accents of red and blue ribbons. Origami in the form of snowflakes and stars, hanging under the ceiling. Her "Spirit of America" theme has become an integral part of decoration.

Also, the firs composition is decorated with artificial snow, and there are snow-white and burgundy flowers among the decorative elements. Another striking detail was the large Advent calendar in the form of the White House facade.