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Reebok Will Unveils Entirely Plant-Based Sneakers

Lifestyle Read min 05.12.2019 11:13

The brand of sportswear and shoes Reebok introduced sneakers from only plant-based materials. The sole of the Forever Floatride GROW model is made of natural rubber. Its responsive midsole is constructed from sustainably-grown castor beans. Reebok promises that the material meets the lightweight cushioning standard of its predecessor. Meanwhile, the upper is made from biodegradable eucalyptus tree to be strong and breathable, and castor oil was used as glue. The color palette of running shoes is light, and no chemical dye was used.

The model is expected to launch in fall 2020. Gradually, the brand plans to introduce eco-friendly technologies and the use of materials, created on the basis of plants and algae, into mass production.

Now the brand is working to increase the wear resistance of new eco-sneakers. Leaders of the brand note that plant materials meet high standards and don’t affect the cushioning and flexibility of the sole. Professional runners were invited to test the new sneakers - for three years they pointed out the flaws that needed to be fixed. “No compromises, only environmental friendliness and comfort”, Reebok said.