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The mobile app that can count the calories of food via a photo is launched

Now a mobile phone will help you to keep a diet. French developers have created an application titled Foodvisor, which determines caloricity of the plate and the weight of individual components through the photo.

To calculate the distance from the camera and the area that a particular product occupies on the plate algorithms use deep learning technologies. Then the app analyzesthe data and makes conclusions: how much your dish weighs, and how many calories it contains. It will also show the content of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and fiber in the lunch, as well as make a "utility rating" and advise on what products you need to give up in the name of thinness and health.

Since the application is still quite new, the developers don’t exclude the possibility of some errors, but it can be corrected manually. For example, you can suggest which products the camera couldn’t recognize, and vice versa, remove the extra. But the creators of the program don’t advise you to abuse the last function, otherwise the whole point of the app will be lost.

In the personal account you can also record data on your physical activity and communicate with a personal nutritionist.

The app launched in France in 2018 and attracted 1.8 million users. And now it can be downloaded in the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy and the US. For almost 2 years, the startup has attracted about $1.5 million from investors and customers.

In the market for mobile devices the idea of such an application is not entirely new – there are already many programs that select diets, offer recipes and prepare a training program. Users can share their successes with followers on social networks or choose their rivals and try to surpass their results.

However, if the technology of recognition of calories through photos works without interruption, it will be possible not to do the calculations by yourself, and therefore save time.