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50 is the new 30! Celebrities that Prove Age Is Just a Figure

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12 Dec 2019

Over the weekend, Jennifer Lopez (50) appeared at Saturday Night Live show in the iconic Versace dress, which she first wore in 2000. The star admitted that many people tell her that now she looks even better than 20 years ago. We recall other celebrities who look 30 at the age of 50 and try to reveal their beauty secrets.

Jennifer Aniston

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The Friends’ star is experiencing a second surge in popularity. A few days ago it became known that she was nominated for a Golden Globe. At the same time, fans are looking forward to continuing the cult series with Jennifer. In addition, the actress looks absolutely gorgeous, which is noted not only by her fans, but also by professional stylists.

Anti-aging hairstyle is one of the main secrets of Jennifer Aniston’s beauty. Due to careless styling, textured multi-layer haircut creates a sexy, but at the same time very natural look.

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Over time, the actress’s wardrobe also changed: now Aniston prefers classical styles and colors, and the Parisian style serves as the inspiration for her looks. Jennifer’s laconic images are suitable for women of any age.

As for makeup, the actress tries to emphasize the eyes and focus on the eyebrows, while for the lips she uses calm or even nude shades of lipstick.

Cate Blanchett

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Cate Blanchett is a symbol of grace and aristocracy, the actress looks amazing, and her career is also at its peak: she is one of the contenders for the Golden Globe.

According to stylists, the secret of Cate's youth is a correctly chosen hair color, which the actress keeps unchanged for several years. The honey shade of the blonde refreshes the face, emphasizes the eyes and visually reduces wrinkles. Just like Aniston, Blanchett prefers sloppy styling that gives her a playful look.

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In makeup, Blanchett tries to keep the middle ground: she prefers shades, taking into account her natural skin color, emphasizes the eyes and lips, but doesn’t overload the look using different techniques and too bright accents.

Cate is a fan of the androgenic style, that’s why you can find a lot of pantsuits and jackets in her wardrobe, but at the same time, the actress doesn’t neglect feminine outfits - airy dresses of delicate colors, for example.

Gwen Stefani


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The fact that singer Gwen Stefani turned 50 in October is hard to believe: Gwen looks very young and fresh. Moreover, since her first concerts, Stefani's style has undergone significant changes for the better.

In her youth, Gwen often shocked the audience with too bright hair color. Now the singer prefers a calm platinum blonde. However, the singer doesn’t stop experimenting with styling: she can be noticed both with straight and curled hair, as well as with voluminous unusual hairstyles.

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Gwen prefers bright makeup, but due to a properly selected foundation, her face looks very fresh, as if glowing from the inside. The singer also tries on modern trends - bright eyeliners, the effect of wet lips and others.

Stefani’s wardrobe also changed: the place of provocative outfits in juicy colors was taken by more calm looks. Although here, Gwen tries not to limit her imagination and sometimes demonstrates quite frank outfits.

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