Chinese make-up artist transforms herself into celebrities


Chinese make-up artist and blogger Yui Miki is gaining great popularity in his instagram. A girl creates something incredible with her face with makeup - she easily turns not only into famous singers and actresses, but also into famous men. For her, a face is a canvas on which you can create anything.

A year ago, a Chinese woman posted a video on YouTube, in which she turned from a girl of Asian appearance into Mona Lisa. It would seem that the end result looks more like a photoshop, but the video proves that it’s about skillful make-up and the right make-up.

 Now on Instagram, it is followed by more than 700 thousand followers. And the list of her star reincarnations is regularly updated: Robert Downey, Taylor Swift, Johnny Depp, Scarlett Johansson, Lily Collins - the list is endless.

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