Emilia Clarke reveals her ideal man


The star of the TV series "Game of Thrones" Emilia Clark announced that she wants a new relationship.

The actress recently broke up with her boyfriend, director Charlie MacDowell, with whom she was dating for about a year, and told what kind of man could make her happy. “If a guy can make me laugh, then this is a 100% hit. A man who knows how to joke is very sexy”,Emilia says.

She is really fond of good humor - in 2012, the star had an affair with comedian Seth MacFarlane. Also, the actress is pleased when a man is seriously preparing for a date and trying to diversify it, comes up with unusual surprises and takes into account the wishes of his companion.

The actress says she is tired of romance with celebrity colleagues and wants a relationship with a simple guy. We’re sure that after such a statement, many actress’ fans will wake up. Emilia Clarke says that work really interferes her personal life, and her popularity doesn’t allow her to meet someone on the Internet. "I once tried to create a fake profile on a dating site, but quickly realized that nothing good would come of it". The actress believes that a rapid career didn’t give her the opportunity to enjoy flirting and dating. She became recognizable too quickly, and now people come to her on the streets only for photos or an autograph. At some point, due to work and health problems, Clarke stopped even thinking about guys, but now, looking at her friends who are happy in their relationships, she says that she doesn’t mind trying to fall in love again.

On December 5, Emilia Clarke’s new movie “Last Christmas” will be released. She’ll play a girl working in a gift shop and suffering from an unsuccessful personal life.

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