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Emma Stone's Engagement Ring Details

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06 Dec 2019

Yesterday it became known that Oscar winner actress Emma Stone is getting married to her boyfriend, director of Saturday Night Live, Dave McCary. The couple met two years ago during the filming of one of the episodes, but did their best to hide relationship for a long time. Yesterday, Emma's groom posted a photo on his ******* page, in which the girl was showing off her engagement ring. We managed to find out some details.


Stone’s vintage engagement ring is from New York City-based jewelry retailer, Catbird. The Winter Pearl Ring was made in Tokyo, Japan, by master jeweler Yoshinobu Kataoka. The design boasts a 8mm untreated Akoya pearl surrounded by a diamond snowflake motif. The ring features solid 18k gold and 0.37 carat diamonds. 

According to the designer, this work was inspired by the beauty and uniqueness of snowflakes that can captivate any person with their pattern. An engagement ring with a pearl as the center focus is a unique and romantic choice. Stone's exact ring is actually available now for $4,780, which is not so high by Hollywood standards.


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