Emma Watson worries that she is almost 30 and has no family

April 15th Emma Watson turns 30 years old. In one of the interviews, the star of “Harry Potter” and “Beauty and the Beast” frankly spoke about her fears and feelings associated with age.

By the age of thirty, Emma managed to build a successful career, but still didn’t meet the person with whom she would like to start a family.  This puts some pressure on the actress.

I said: why is everyone so fussing because someone is 30 years old? It doesn’t really matter. Then I turned 29, and I say: my goodness, I feel so stressed and anxious.

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And I understand that this happens because an influx of subconscious thoughts suddenly arises. If you haven’t built a house, if you don’t have a husband, if you have no child, and you are 30 years old, and your career is not so stable, or you are still trying to find out something for yourself ... it causes an incredible amount worries.

At the same time, Emma is trying to be optimistic about this situation.

I never believed in all of these "I feel so good alone." It took me a lot of time, but now I understand that I am very happy, being alone - I call it a partnership with myself.

In recent years, Emma Watson has been credited with many romantic hobbies, including Prince Harry and her "Harry Potter" partner, Tom Felton. But the actress tries not to advertise her personal life. Just two weeks ago, Watson was seen on a date with an unknown man.

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