Fans brought Gigi Hadid to a nervous breakdown?

The supermodel Gigi Hadid tells her fans to stop their bulling in scathing tweets.

The hate wave rose after the paparazzi published a picture in which Gigi walking along the street in sportswear. She wore black leggings, sneakers and a shortened down jacket. Subscribers began to write angry reviews and ask what happened to the model, which is considered one of the modern style icons, advertises well-known brands and participates in the most top-end fashion shows. Fans sarcastically called the Gigi’s image "natural beauty" and "street style". The stylist of the model, Mimi Cattrell, also got it - she was accused of such a strange "transformation of the star".

To everyone's surprise, Gigi responded to these comments. She wrote: "U guys need to calm tf down sometimes. It's called stepping out to do one errand- not dressing for your approval. Your unrealistic expectations & petty complaining all the time about my style or not being sexy enough isn't going to make me dress differently," the model responded. 

It seems that Gigi was really angry with this situation, since she decided to publish such a post. She still managed to reach some fans: they apologized to the star and deleted their comments.

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