Fans were disappointed by the appearance of Winnie Harlow in the advertising of the Kardashian's brand

Kim Kardashian's subscribers were unsatisfied with her joint photo with Canadian model Winnie Harlow, who became famous thanks to her unconventional beauty.

Harlow is known for being able to make a model career, despite the effects of vitiligo, due to which she has skin pigmentation disorders on her face and body. Because of them, the model is often compared to a Dalmatian. However, Harlow has become the representative of many well-known brands and recently announced her collaboration with Kim Kardashian's cosmetics brand - KKW Beauty.

Some of the Kim's fans were disappointed with her collaboration with Harlow, but not because of Winnie's appearance, but because of her supposedly arrogant behavior. In the comments to the photo subscribers write that they will not purchase new products from the collection with Winnie Harlow. Also they call the model insincere and duplicitous.

However, among the comments there are also positive reviews, so, perhaps, Kim's cooperation with Winnie will still be productive.

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