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Gisele Bündchen Showed Gorgeous Body in a bikini

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17 Dec 2019

Brazilian supermodel and mother-of-two Gisele Bündchen (39) showed her gorgeous figure on *******, posting a selfie in a grey bikini. The young woman says that strict diet control helps her to keep fit - she hasn’t eaten sugar, wheat flour, salt, mushrooms, dairy products and nightshade vegetables for many years. Giselle doesn’t really like strength training in the gym, so she tries to do yoga more often.


In the photo, she poses in a bikini designed by her friend and colleague Candice Swanepoel. The line is called Tropic of С. The brand is very successful due to the fact that it supports the ideas of informed consumption. Gisele is known as an active advocate of nature - in 2009 she was chosen by the UN Goodwill Ambassador and has been engaged in highlighting environmental issues and oversees several charitable organizations. Also, a few years ago, the model launched her own brand of ethical cosmetics Sejaa Pure Skincare and Gisele Intimates brand of lingerie.

This sexy photo is not the first the supermodel shared with her ******* followers. Tom Brady’s wife likes to spend time near the ocean and often shows the world her lean body. For example, last month, Gisele posted a heartwarming image of her daughter Vivian. The mother and daughter were wearing matching yellow swimsuits while soaking up the sun on the beach. The model sang praises of her daughter as the little one turned seven years old.

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