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He Finally Got It: Prince Charles Will Become The Head of The Royal Family


On Wednesday, Prince Charles (71) met with his father, Prince Philip, the reason for which was the ongoing scandal around Charles's brother, Prince Andrew. However, reporters suggested that the Prince of Wales actually came to his father to discuss the possible retirement of Elizabeth II.

In eighteen months, Queen Elizabeth II, who has ruled Britain since 1953, will turn 95 years old. She is the oldest not only of the current monarchs, but also among the heads of state around the world. More over, she has set a record for the longest reign among the kings of England. However, now the press and analysts suggest that Elizabeth II wants to retire, transferring the administration of affairs to her son, Prince Charles.

The Prince of Wales played a key role in trying to resolve the conflict with Prince Andrew, who caused irreparable damage to the Royal Family's reputation. It’s believed that it was Charles who contributed to the fact that the Duke of York was removed from his duties. Insiders say that by his actions, Charles has demonstrated a willingness to become the head of the family.

It is estimated that when the Queen turns 95 years old, Charles will be given the title of Regent. That is, in fact, he will conduct all the affairs of the Queen, who, due to her age, becomes difficult to cope with her duties.

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