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How Much Meghan Markle Spent on Her Wardrobe This Year

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26 Dec 2019

Every publication about the Duchess of Sussex attracts the attention of the media and the public. And while the unfriendly tabloids often criticize ex-actress’s outfits, for many people Meghan Markle has become a real style icon. The Daily Mail summed up how much Megan spends on her wardrobe during the past year.

The publication concluded that in 2019 Markle slashed the value of her wardrobe in half, but still wore £211,700 worth of new clothes and accessories.

Meghan Markle’s most expensive outfit to be worth £90,000

-  stunning couture Dior gown in combination with a clutch and shoes by the same brand that Megan put on for an appointment at the British Embassy in Morocco in February this year. By the way, Megan royal tour wardrobe for South Africa came in at £4,068.

In addition to the Dior dress, Prince Harry’s wife also tried on outfits by Victoria Beckham, Calvin Klein, Givenchy, Prada and many others.  However, it cannot be said that the Duchess is too wasteful: Megan put on many wardrobe items repeatedly in combination with new ones so that the images looked new.

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