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Jennifer Aniston confessed that she suffered from the lack of self-confidence

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14 Oct 2019

Jennifer Aniston's acting career began with the television sitcom "Friends", the first episode of which was released 25 years ago. She played the role of Rachel Green - a young and confident in her attractiveness woman. But recently Jennifer admitted that at that time she was very insecure and could not get used to so unexpected popularity.

"It was quite hard period for me and I suffered from the hype that constantly stood around my person, especially in those moments when I did not feel like a princess, and people always wanted to know everything about me," said the actress. It took her several years to gain confidence in herself, and now she tries to keep and protect this feeling inside herself.

"I'm a confident woman. Only I know how my career started, what I've been through, and I'm aware of where I am now. I'm very sensitive to what I have," says Aniston.

Now the actress is preparing for a new role. She will take part in the showabout the work of TV broadcasters, project entitled "The morning show". It will be shown on the streaming service Apple TV+.

In the centre of the plot is a story about morning news host Mitch, accused of harassment. Jennifer Aniston plays his colleague Alex, who tries to keep her job after the scandal in the editorial office.  

In addition to Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Steve Carell, Billy Crudup and Gugu Mbatha-Raware also involved in this show. The first episode is to released in early November 2019.

Despite participating in the Apple TV+ project, Jennifer Aniston isn’t  kind to streaming services and notes that the state of modern classical television makes her very sad.

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