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Jennifer Aniston is afraid of losing touch with the outside world

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07 Nov 2019

The actress admitted that she began to spend too much time at home - she fears that she’ll soon become a recluse. Now Aniston has a lot of social events, interviews and shows on her schedule, that are related to the premiere of the series "The Morning Show", where she co-starred with Reese Witherspoon.

Recently, Jennifer has been experiencing increased attention from fans and the press and therefore tries once again not to leave her apartment.  She considers it to be the most comfortable and safe space, but she has to control herself not to fall out of reality and not to lose touch with the world. She draws parallels with her heroine in “The Morning Show”, Alex Levy, who is so desperate to keep her job that she forgets about other aspects of her life, and also finding herself in a kind of vacuum. The actress believes that a person should fully develop and participate in the life of society, and domestic seclusion cannot lead to anything good.

Jennifer thinks “The Morning Show” series, based on the true story of a presenter accused of sexual harassment, will help to change the television and film industries. She says that people don’t even imagine how often actresses have to deal with unambiguous hints and actions on the part of men who have power and money. Jennifer Aniston wants the series to have as many viewers as possible, so that everyone will pay attention to the problems existing in the industry and not to be afraid to support their idols.

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