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Julia Roberts posted an intriguing photo

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Julia Roberts posted a new photo on her Instagram – she is smiling as bright as the sun andpushing some guy into the pool. At first we thought it was a shot from a new film and were happy because the actress hasn’t been seen on the big screens for a long time. But no! Actress’s stylist said that it was a new cosmetic brand Lancome commercial shooting.

Her collaboration with the brand began in 2009 and was Julia's first experience with beauty brands. In 2015, the actress extended her contract for another five years and received $ 50 million. Lancome President Yousef Nabi said he fell in love with Julia because of her natural beauty and feminine magnetism. Thanks to her "Pretty Woman" role she became a symbol of the era of the 90’s, and her life position perfectly reflects the ideals of the brand. The company didn’t lose when invited Julia to present their new products-the actress annually brings Lancome a large profit.

For the new advertising campaign, Julia starred in a perfectly tailored emerald suit from Sara Battaglia – this colour is very suitable for the actress. The shooting was conducted by the permanent photographer of the Lancome brand, Alexey Lubomirsky. This guy, by the way, is handsome as a model, wears the title of Prince and takes the most famous photos of the British Royal family.


The young man Julia pushed into the pool was a New York model and photographer, Ben Rosso. He also posted a photo of the "water treatments" on his Instagram, and followers noted that Julia was very happy pushing Ben. In the comments, they wrote: "she is just glowing", "you can swim, right?" and "dude, I hope you didn't have anything important in your pockets".

Ben loved the shot and thanked the photographer for being warned about its concept in advance. Otherwise he’d be very surprised if Juliathrew him into the water while standing and looking around.

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