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Kim Kardashian Finds Out Awkward Secret of J Lo’s Fiancée

Celebrity Read min 28.11.2019 13:35

Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez collaborated on an ad for Portal by Facebook. But the main star of the hilarious video was J Lo’s fiancée Alex Rodriguez.

According to the plot of the video, Kardashian and Lopez were on video call. Both celebrities are shown in a relaxed home atmosphere. Jennifer put on dark green and blue flannel pajamas with her brunette locks pulled back into a bun, while Kim pulled her long tresses back with a black T-shirt tucked into her sweat bottoms. At the same time, both girls had colored masks on their faces: Lopez choses pink, and Kardashian opts for green.

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The reason for the call is the preparation for a secret upcoming annual Christmas party, and Kim and Jennifer are just in the process of discussing the details, when suddenly their conversation is interrupted by the unexpected appearance of the Lopez’s fiancée Alex Rodriguez. Just like J Lo, Alex dons matching sleepwear with a black shirt beneath - also sporting a pink face mask. 

Oh, hi Kim! What are you talking about?”, Rodriguez said and put the girls in a very awkward situation.

Subscribers liked such a fun idea for advertising. But someone was still disappointed. “What a pity that Kanye didn’t appear in the video in a green face mask!”, commentators joked.