Kristen Stewart admitted that she dreamed of marrying Robert Pattinson

The 29-year-old actress took part in the Howard Stern show, on the air of which she talked about her feelings for her former lover Robert Pattinson.

Pattinson and Stuart’s romance began during the filming of “Twilight”, and their relationship lasted several years. However, in 2012, photos, showing how the young actress kisses the director Rupert Sanders, leaked to the press. Despite the fact that Stewart later claimed that Sanders harassed her, Robert didn’t forgive his girlfriend for treason, and the couple broke up.

On the radio show, Kristen admitted that she was ready to marry Robert.  When Howard Stern said that Robert is a very nice guy, Kristen responded: "Yes, he is the best."

After breaking up with Pattinson, Kristen had several unsuccessful affairs, but now, according to the actress, she is happy in a relationship with screenwriter Dylan Mayer. Her feelings are so serious that Kristen is even preparing to propose to her lover:

“I just can't wait! I have a few options for how to do it cool. I want to make films and have kids with this girl. I can’t believe that I’m so lucky. I literally painted her in my dreams, and now she exists in reality".

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