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Kristen Stewart at the film festival

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The actress presented her new film, "Seberg" at the Mill Valley Film Festival. This time Kristen decided not to shock the fans with non-standard and overly bold images and preferred a total-black style outfit. Kristen was wearing a classic tuxedo with a lace brassiere peeking out from under his jacket. Thus, Kristen supported the trend that is popular among celebrities for underwear peeping out from under her jacket: earlier singer Rihanna, Irina Shayk and Emily Ratajovsky demostrated similar images in public. Kristen`s fans noted that this image suits her very much, especially since the actress had a noticeable make-up and her hair was laid in a stylish hairstyle.

In the film "Seberg" Kristen embodied the image of actress Jean Seberg. The film, based on real events, tells about Seberg’s struggle for the rights of black people and how the persecution of the FBI and the real bulling by society literally destroyed Seberg’s life, leading her to a nervous breakdown, and then to suicide.

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