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Meghan and Harry Break Another Royal Family Tradition

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24 Dec 2019

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle presented a Christmas card and once again broke the Royal family tradition.

Instead of taking a usual family photo, as Prince William and Kate Middleton have been doing for many years, Duke and Duchess of Sussex posted the animated card (or, as the internet likes to call it, a GIF) on Twitter. The card includes a black and white image of the royal couple in front of their Christmas tree with baby Archie taking center stage of the seriously cute snap. Meghan is wearing a chic but simple knit sweater and black trousers while Harry dons his signature crisp white button down shirt. Thanks to the GIF format, the lights on the tree are glistening and shimmering. The card, shared via the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust on Monday night, reads: “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from our family to yours.”

It isn’t known by now, how Queen Elizabeth reacted to such an innovation, but there are rumors that she has long been dissatisfied with the Megan and Harry’s actions, who too often violate family traditions. For example, they refused to celebrate Christmas with their family and went to Canada.

By the way, today everyone saw the photo, taken during the recording of the annual Queen Elizabeth’ speech in honor of Christmas. And attentive ******* users immediately noticed the absence not only Prince Andrew’s photos on the Queen’s table, but also Megan and Harry’s.

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