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Melania Trump welcomed a Christmas tree in a Dolce&Gabbana coat

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26 Nov 2019

Donald Trump’s family has already begun preparations for Christmas. A Christmas tree was delivered to the White House yesterday. By tradition, the first lady of the country, Melania Trump, came to meet the tree.

Choosing, installing and decorating a holiday tree in the White House is a whole ritual. First, a special competition is held, in which a spruce is chosen to decorate the presidential residence. This year the tree was delivered from Pennsylvania. The Christmas beauty was brought to the White House in a horse-drawn cart. According to a long tradition, Donald Trump and his wife came out to meet it.

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For such a solemn occasion, Melania chose a very stylish outfit - a black Dolce&Gabbanacoat with white and red roses from the fall-winter collection’19. The look was complemented by black Christian Louboutin suede boots with high heels.

Melania checked the safety of the Christmas tree, and then thanked the family of the farmer Larry Snyder, who raised a 16-meter beauty. The farmer, together with his wife and children, were invited to the White House to watch the installation of the spruce.

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