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Miley Cyrus was hospitalized

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Yesterday, the 26-year-old singer and actress was urgently hospitalized. Miley was found to have tonsillitis - an inflammation of the tonsils. Doctors gave the star the necessary help, but, according to Miley, she felt better only after her friends visited her in the hospital ward.

On Instagram, Miley posted photos from the hospital ward, promising fans that she would try to recover as soon as possible to attend the Gorillapalooza charity event this weekend.

Friends brought her a bouquet of flowers and strewn the bed with rose petals to cheer up the singer. However, the main surprise was the visit by her new lover - Australian singer Cody Simpson. Miley posted short videos on the network in which Cody sings to her and plays on the guitar. There is no sound on the video, and Miley explained this by saying that the song turned out to be too personal: Simpson wrote it specifically for her.

Cody and Miley started to date only recently, and just a couple of months ago Miley broke up with her husband Liam Hemsworth.

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