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Natalia Vodianova Masters New Social Networks

Celebrity Read min 02.12.2019 14:17

Social networks have firmly entered our lives, and for celebrities they have become an indispensable platform for communicating with the audience. Supermodel, philanthropist and mother of four, Natalia Vodianova is among the stars who are actively mastering social networks.

Natalia (37) began to conquer YouTube and created her own channel.  Vodianova shared this news with her subscribers on Instagram and already posted a colorful teaser on YouTube, in which she showed bright moments of her biography.

Yes this is finally happening! YouTube here we come! Expect that you will be seeing lots of these in the next few episodes, so make sure to be there every Friday 3pm CET, see you on the other side”, Natalia wrote.

For several days, more than 6,000 people signed up for Natalya's profile. Fans are looking forward to latest news from the model’s life.