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Nicki Minaj leaves the stage

In her official twitter account the singer told fans about her decision to end her career.

The 36-year-old singer, winner of many prestigious music awards, leaves her career for the sake of the family. In August Nicky pleased the fans with the news that she is going to marry her lover Kenneth Petty, but no one expected the singer to decide to fully devote herself to the family and leave the stage.

“"I’ve decided to retire & have my family,” wrote Nicky in her account. “I’m still right here. Still madly in love with you guys & you know that, ”the singer appealed to her fans.

“I know you guys are happy now,” Minaj also added, obviously referring to her rivals and enemies, and, first of all, to singer Cardi B, with whom Minaj has extremely tense relations. Last year the singers even got into a fight. Now that the rival is ending her career, it will be much easier for be Cardi to fight for the title of the best rap artist in the world.


During her very productive career Niki has released four albums, one of which became platinum just a month after the release.

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