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Renee Zellweger: a skimpy miniskirt and even skimpier interview

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04 Sep 2019

The 50-year-old actress took part in a photo shoot for New York magazine and gave a soulful interview, in which she explained a forced career break.

A few years ago Renee's public appearance caused a flurry of negative criticism on the Internet and in the media. The actress was condemned and ridiculed for unsuccessful plastic surgeries, because of which she didn’t look like herself. In an interview Zellweger admitted that because of this situation she suffered from depression for a long time. She tried to figure out, how to perceive herself as a person, and not as a public persona only. It was because of health problems that she had to take a break in her career for almost five years after the release of the latest film about Bridget Jones, which once made her famous.

Nevertheless, nowadays Renee Zellweger is ready to get back in the game. Zellweger played the main role in the biopic “Judy”, which is dedicated to the tragic fate of one of the brightest stars of Hollywood of the last century - Judy Garland. Critics already say that this film is Renee's bid for the second Oscar in her career.

Renee says that now she’s no longer afraid to be herself. «I like my weird quirkiness, my off-kilter mix of things. It enables me to do what I do. I don’t want to be something else» she says.

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