Royal Accident: Is Something Wrong Between Kate and William?

Recently, Kate Middleton and Prince William appeared on a BBC special that aired Monday night titled “A Berry Royal Christmas” where they cooked festive dishes and revealed interesting details of their lives. It turns out that the Duchess is fond of cooking and devotes a lot of time to this: she often arranges family meetings, where the Prince bakes pizza, and the children help him. Kate also said that in her youth, she worked as a waitress. And once, she decided to make spinach soup, but forgot to close the blender with a lid - she had to wash the entire kitchen.

At first glance, the shooting took place in a very peaceful and friendly atmosphere, but the Royal family’s fans were stunned by an awkward moment. Near the end of the show, the couple sat down with a group of volunteers when William, 37, attempted to gently place his hand on Middleton’s shoulder. However, the Duchess, who also is 37, immediately shrugged off her husband’s rare public display of affection while maintaining a smile on her face.

Is everything not as smooth as it seems at first glance in the Royal family? The Internet is full of discussions. Someone wrote that after so many years of marriage and the birth of three children, it is difficult to maintain a romantic relationship.

Some people decided that Kate’s gesture was just related to her modesty - the Royal family shouldn’t publicly express their feelings. Some viewers admired the Duchess’s instant reaction and pointed out that the Kate’s great sports experience came in handy. There were also those who expressed their complaints to the TV channel and the director of the program - it was simply unethical to broadcast such a compromising fragment on the air. It is hoped that the Duchess’s gesture was just an accident - during the filming, Kate and William felt relaxed, laughed a lot and told touching stories.

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