Sad story: Princess Charlotte Won’t Get Her Christmas Present

Apparently, even princesses don’t always receive present, they ask Santa Claus for. Prince William and the Duchess Kate Middleton’s daughter asked for a real pony as a gift, but her parents were against it.

According to representatives of the Royal family, Charlotte is "obsessed" with horses just like her great grandmother the Queen, 93, who is regularly seen riding, and "she's asked for a pony”. By the way, Elizabeth II received her first pony named Peggy just at the age of four, but she was allowed to ride only when the future queen was six.

However, Prince William strongly opposed such a gift: Kate Middleton’s husband thinks that Charlotte is still too small to trust her with such a responsibility. However, a source from the Royal family added that William could consider this issue next year, when his daughter will be older.

Charlotte's brother, Prince George, asked his parents for a much more modest gift. The 6-year-old Prince recently became interested in sports, so he asked to give him a tennis racket and table football.

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