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Salma Hayek Fled from the Cosmetologist’s Office

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11 Dec 2019

It is known that actors usually do a lot to get into character. Salma Hayek is no exception. The Mexican beauty is set to star as cosmetics mogul Claire Luna in the upcoming comedy Like a Boss. In an attempt to get closer to her heroine, Salma decided to radically change her appearance.  Actress’s red hair, flashy clothes and even grey eye contacts were not enough. Salma Hayek decided to have lip injections. “I have never done this before, but I want to feel the character of the heroine even more”, the actress commented on her decision.


Salma’s friend, cosmetologist Maurice Dray, agreed to help her to realize her desire. He wasn’t enthusiastic about this idea and warned the actress that this process can be painful. “I don't know if you're going to be happy because it's going to hurt super bad”. the cosmetologist tried to dissuade Salma. However, the actress decided to try.

As the needle approached Salma's face, the Hollywood star sharply changed her mind. “No! Forget it! I'm done!” - with these words, Salma Hayek fled from the office. It turned out, that not every role requires sacrifice!

In real life, Salma Hayek chooses naturalness. "My mother always demonstrated the importance of aging gracefully," she told the magazine. "I never saw her or my grandmother being afraid of getting old. And so I don't have that fear." 

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