Sandra Bullock and Ellen DeGeneres sue hundreds of beauty companies

Actress Sandra Bullock and TV host Ellen Degeneres joined forces in a fight against a hundred companies that use their images to advertise products without any permission.

Bullock and DeGeneres said that they tried to deal with this problem on their own for a whole year, but now they’ll act more decisively. Sandra and Ellen have already filed a lawsuit against companies that use their photos to sell cosmetics and weight loss products.

The list of companies that the actress and TV presenter plans to sue has a hundred names, but the court has yet to find out which of them really illegally used their images. Sandra and Ellen themselves don’t know how many cases there were actually, but hope to bring those perpetrators to justice. There is Bella Pelle wrinkle cream, Alessa serum, Elliesse serum, as well as Lavish Skin Care, Life Cell Skin Care, Glovella products among items that were advertised using star photographs.

Other Hollywood celebrities faced a similar problem, including Kim Kardashian.

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