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Sharon Stone about age acceptance, career and finding herself

It's hard to believe that the "Basic instinct" star turned 61. Sharon recently took part in a photo shoot for Harper's Bazaar magazine and shared her thoughts on age, beauty, career and finding herself.

The actress looks much younger than her years, but she is aware of the changes that occur in her life with age, and tries to accept them. What's more, Sharon said the changes are good for her: she's been through a long period of change that has taken several decades, and now feels like she's finally spreading her wings.

"What I'm starting to realize as I get older is that I'm going back to my core personality".

Interestingly, she wasn’t happiest in her 20s, but in her 40s, despite the many problems she had to face at the time: she suffered a head injury, was left alone with her children and had to fight for custody of her eldest son.

"During all these trials, there was something amazing. And while no one wanted to date me – no one wanted to date a woman with young children - it was a period of reconciliation, change and self-understanding. It was my period of greatest change, but also the period when I felt most beautiful".

In this regard, Sharon touched upon the issue of beauty, the standards of which are beginning to change in modern society.

"I like the fact that now in the fashion industry, we are beginning to see beauty in a variety of women. We must accept beauty in all its forms."

But Sharon also believes that we must learn to accept and appreciate ourselves.

"It's just a mistake to try to blend in with the crowd and be like everyone else. Because what sets us apart is our gifts".

Stone also spoke about her career, paying special attention to the "Basic instinct" that made her famous all over the world.

"I think “Basic instinct” came out at the right moment in history because it reflected all our fears and doubts. It's still an intriguing film, but can it be made now? I doubt it'll be the sensation as it was at the time".


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