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She is so cute! Pregnant Anne Hathaway appeared in public

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Actress Anne Hathaway delighted fans with news of her pregnancy back in July. Since then Anne has not appeared in public, but Hathaway made an exception for the presentation of the series "Modern Love"!

Anne appeared on the red carpet in a milk-white trouser suit with an asymmetrical upper part, which only attracted more attention to the rounded belly of the actress. Anne wore large earrings, a necklace and a ring with turquoise, however, Ann's main decoration was a dazzling smile and eyes glowing with happiness. Fans simply could not help but notice how much the pregnancy suits the actress.

This is the second pregnancy of Ann. She is raising a three-year-old Jonathanwith with her husband Adam Shulman. As the actress admitted, both pregnancies were hard for her: Anne could not get pregnant for a very long time and had to be treated for infertility. Most likely, the fact that Anne has not appeared in public for so long is connected with health problems, and Hathaway needed to make sure that her pregnancy was going well.

In the series "Modern Love," Anne played in one of the episodes. Her partners in the shooting were Emmy Rossum and the star of "Sherlock" - Andrew Scott.

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