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Sisters’ Love: Kendall Jenner Mocks Kylie

For many, the TV star and model Kylie Jenner is an object to follow and admire: the financial condition of the girl totals about one billion dollars, she has a luxurious mansion, her own cosmetic brand and little daughter Stormy. However, for her older sister, she is still a girl to play a trick on. Kendall recently posted a video on the Internet that parodies Kylie’s famous beauty videos. In them, beauty mogul usually shows how to apply daily makeup and cares for the skin.

In a comic video, Kendall put on a wavy pink-ombré wig and lots of blush-colored eye shadow. The supermodel over-lined her lips kept the schtick going and ended up covering her mouth in Kylie's red gloss. She eventually took the product onto her teeth, laughing the whole time and joking "Oh my god", "It feels amazing on my skin. It feels so f*****g good!"

Kylie liked her sibling’s sense of humor and posted a similar video on Instagram in which her baby daughter Stormy has fun near the mirror and does her mom’s makeup.

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