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The Biggest Movie Payoffs

Some actors receive such big fees for only one movie that they can live comfortably for the rest of their lives. Let’s find out which actors got the biggest payday ever.

For six years in a row, Robert Downey Jr. tops the lists of the richest actors. He got the bulk of his wealth thanks to the role of Iron Man in the Marvel Cinema Universe. In The Avengersmovies, Tony Stark is a charismatic billionaire. For brothers Russo’s last work, Downey Jr. received about $75 million. Good catch!

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Tom Hanks is at the end of the list of biggest payoffs. He received $40 million for his role in Saving Private Ryan, while Forrest Gump brought the actor much more - $60 million.

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Johnny Depp received $55 million for the role in the last movie about pirates of the Caribbean, Leonardo DiCaprio got $59 million for Inception, Harrison Ford got $65 million for Indiana Jones, Tom Cruise got $70 million for the role of a special agent in the movie Mission: Impossible. The absolute record belongs to Bruce Willis: for his participation in the sci-fi movie The Sixth Sense, he received $120 million. A little less, $100 million, were earned by Tom Cruise for the War of the Worlds.

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Only two women are in the list of richest actors. In 2011, Cameron Diaz got about $42 million for her role in the movie Bad Teacher, and Sandra Bullock received $70 million for her role of a brave astronaut in Gravity.


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If we take into account the total income, Keanu Reeves earned a record $250 million for three parts of the Matrix. By the way, the directors of the film promised to release a sequel in 2021 - we dare say, that the actor’s bank account will only grow in the future.

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