What Next, Gwyneth? Paltrow Shows How to Prepare for Christmas

Gwyneth Paltrow, 47, starred in the new Goop ad campaign, which the actress founded in 2008. The video is dedicated to the Christmas collection of luxury clothing brand. This is a real video instruction from Gwyneth, whщ shows how to properly prepare for the holidays.

First of all, you need to set the right mood: turn on atmospheric music, start a fire in the fireplace. Pay attention to your appearance: make a beautiful hairstyle and choose a bright outfit. In the video, Paltrow demonstrates several options of fashionable looks at once: an asymmetric black dress with a wrap, which will be a great alternative to a classic cocktail dress, a translucent blue blouse with a midi skirt, a navy blue dress, as well as a fashionable black jumpsuit. For all outfits, the actress picked up different shoes: classic pumps, sandals, decorated with rhinestones, or pointed ballet shoes.

Gwyneth also recalls that you must not forget about gifts for your family. However, first of all, the actress advises thinking about a gift for yourself. Paltrow had already chosen her present - it turned out to be ... a toy for adults.

In such a humorous manner, Gwyneth and Goop decided to wish their customers a Merry Christmas. The video turned out very entourage and atmospheric - in the spirit of the best Christmas videos of this year.


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