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New Model Show

The New Model Show is the reality show that helps young girls to make the first steps toward the modeling career, get into the fashion industry and to work with the insiders. All participants will be teched how to walk on a runway, to pose in front of the camera and to present yourself. Furthermore, they will meet celebrities, popular bloggers and industry representatives who will give them some useful professional tips. Every model will have a chance to sign a long-awaited contract with the international modeling agencies and to go working abroad!

In search of young models, the World Fashion Channel team travels around the largest cities of Russia. Girls who have passed the qualifying round come to Moscow where they learn the basics of modeling and participate in various contests that test them for strength. In the modeling business, it is very important to be not only beautiful, but also strong and self-confident, so every girl should work hard to achieve the desired goal. Photo shooting underwater or at a dizzy height, in heat or tropical rain, with animals or with insects - get ready for anything!

In 2020, you will see the 3rd season of the reality show with Viki Odintsova as a TV-host. The participants will be watched not only by thousands of television viewers, but also by well-known international agencies of Paris, Milan, Miami, and Asia. So, girls, don’t miss your chance to become a model, and you, our dear viewers, don’t miss the new season of New Model Show!

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