World Fashion Calendar Sardinia 2022 | Promo



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Starring: DANIELA DE JESUS COSIO @realdanielacosio,
CARMELA GENERALI @generalicarmela,
SAMIRA LUI @samiraluiofficial

Exclusively on @worldfashionchannel @worldfashionchannel.eng

Production: @worldfashionproduction

General producer: Kirill Bondarenko @kirillbondarenko

Producer: Ekaterina Antonovskaya @kate.producer

Video: Ruslan Murzaev @ruslamur, Marat Murzaev @maratmur, Leonid
Novozhilov @leonid.novozhilov

Photographer: Irina Lis Costanzo @liscostanzo

Style: Andrea Amara @hamarand

Style assistant: Carola Bellomi @carola.bellomi

MUA: Vania Cesarato @vaniacesarato

Hair: Eddy Scudo @eddyscudo

Light assistant: Alexander Sysoev @alexanderborodach

Production assistant: Gleb Lavrinenko @gleb_lavrinenko

Location: Sardinia, Italy

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World Fashion Calendar is the unique international project made in the reality show format that aims to create the most authoritative calendar in Eastern Europe. It is not an easy task, but the World Fashion Channel is always ready to take up a challenge on the road to success!

We work with a team of industry professionals to get the highest results. The coolest fashion photographers with brilliant portfolios, the most beautiful models from around the world, incredibly talented makeup artists and stylists and the highly skilled cameramen, who capture every step of the shooting process, are working hard to get stunning photos bringing all the finest ideas to life. We were already lucky enough to work with such giants of fashion photography as Pascal Heimlicher and Alessio Albi who are particularly sensitive to the feminine grace and able to transfer it to the picture with a strong unwavering passion. Almost 250 models from all over the world had participated in our model castings, but only a few of them managed to get into the project.

Apart from the perfect team, one of the most important things is the choice of a shoot location. A truly good place inspires a photographer and creates an endless stream of ideas in their heads. In the first season of the project, the World Fashion Channel team traveled every corner of Europe in search of such locations and it was not in vain. Our choice fell on the most picturesque sites rich in incredible nature and magical atmosphere such as a real pearl of the Dolomites Cortina d’Ampezzo; the Spanish island of pleasure Ibiza; the milky-white sandy beaches of fabulous Sardinia; the mysteries tiny Swiss town of Zermatt. As a result, we have a winning collection of glamourous photographs collected in the limited-edition calendar as well as four great videos from the photo shooting backstage!

The second season began with the expansion of horizons - the first episode was filmed in paradise Seychelles with the amazing models from Tunis, the UK, Italy and Ukraine. Where will the World Fashion Calendar team go next? Stay with us to find out!

World Fashion Calendar Sardinia 2022 | Promo

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