Sofia Resing WF Covers Bali 2020

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Who are you, cover girl?

The cover of a glossy magazine is a kind of art object the main purpose of which is to get the reader's attention, hold on it tightly and bring it to the last page in one breath. It isn’t an easy task, is it? But not for top models! Today the cover girls instantly become trendsetters, style icons and welcome guests at any social event, they are endlessly loved and adored. Do you want to know who they are? And what is going on during the shooting for the leading glossy magazines in the most picturesque places of our planet?

World Fashion Covers is a brand new project from World Fashion Channel that will aim to answer all of these questions and will become your guide to the inside world of the fashion magazines. You have a unique opportunity to discover what is happening behind the scenes of a fashion cover shoot in a reality show format, to meet Top models, photographers, stylists, makeup artists as well as the production team responsible. The fashion insiders will give interviews each production day whilst talking about the mysteries of their craft and sharing their impressions and curious facts from life. The World Fashion Production team is going to capture everything that is happening on the set, thereby creating the exclusive television content. We bet you haven’t seen this before!

Each magazine has its own unique style, specifics and the target audience. So the main task of the team is not just to make a fashion photo, but to create a special story where the model always plays the lead. As the eyes reflect the soul, so the model reveals the idea of the issue and the philosophy of the magazine. The success of the cover always depends on the model, on the emotion that she conveys through the photo on the front page. The cover girl sets the tone for the new issue whilst delighting the readers with a playful smile or intriguing them with a cold mysterious look. Every model wants to be on the cover at least for once and every one of them will probably agree that the title photo is a huge step on the way to success. All participants of our project will share with you their success stories and tell you how it feels to be a cover girl!

The World Fashion Channel team pays special attention to locations for our photo shoots. We select the most picturesque and fascinating places from around the world for each of them! Working in completely different weather conditions, whether it be sunny beaches or rainy jungle, futuristic buildings of the big city, ancient castles or contemporary interiors of the photo studios, we strive to create an image where all the components are combined into a single whole and harmoniously reflect the latest trends of not only the fashion world, but also the modern time. An extremely high degree of professionalism together with the most powerful shooting equipment and the aiming for the highest results - this is the key to the success of the World Fashion Production team!

In this way, every episode will put you in touch with the success stories of the best top models, with new faces of the fashion industry and many stunning parts of our planet. Don’t miss the rare chance to open the veil of secrecy of the unapproachable fashion world and maybe to witness the birth of the best cover of the new decade…Who knows?

Join us and stay tuned. The most exciting things are yet to come!


Sofia Resing WF Covers Bali 2020

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