World Fashion Holidays

World Fashion Holidays is a grandiose reality show about creating the most vivid fashion and lifestyle stories at the best resorts in the world! Here you will see the shooting process of advertising campaigns for famous brands made step by step. The best and the most luxurious resorts, beautiful models, a team of professionals and lots of fun! WFC team knows how to combine leisure with work!

For the two seasons, World Fashion Channel had been exploring the most fashionable European resorts: aristocratic Nice with its romantic fleur; Saint-Tropez, a picturesque town famed by the French cinema; the bohemian Greek resort Mykonos; amazing sandy beaches of splendid Monaco and snowy beauty of Courchevel. It was an amazing vacation, but the best is yet to come!

World Fashion Holidays is a completely new format of filming, useful networking and mixing business with pleasure. If you want to develop your business and express yourself, join us. Let's work and chill together!

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