Forced-to-wear accessory: 12 masks for protection and looking good

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Despite general hopes for a decrease in COVID-19 activity and a return to a normal lifestyle, the predictions of doctors and scientists, unfortunately, are confirmed. Daily news reports are frightening with figures and a repetition of a scenario already known to everyone - the incidence of coronavirus beats anti-records, and governments of different countries are again beginning to impose restrictions.  It's time to admit that the masks, our "forced-to-wear accessory", will stay the must-have piece for any man whatever season and occasion.

However, we're sure that there is no sense in getting upset about it.  Even if these six months were full of terror and uncertainty, many brands and designers found the strength and inspiration to create thousands or even millions of surgical as well as fabric-masks, making the premier mean of protection not only helpful but beautiful. There is a small selection of stylish masks that will add a bit of joy to your daily outfits in this dark time.

Serà Fine Silk Amir Slama Found My Animal
Marine Serre Christian Siriano  Missoni
Ralph Lauren Mostly Heard Rarely Seen Mostly Heard Rarely Seen
Haculla A Bathing Ape No Ka' Oi



We all should hold on and do our best to take care of each other, so no matter how your mask looks like – just wear it every day to be safe and secure people around!  


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