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Paris Fashion Week: 72 best looks from spring 2021 collections

Paris, as always, was the last stop in the month trip to the fashion capitals. The recognized city of love didn't manage to keep cold distance by inviting some lucky beggars to meet new French spring 2021 season face à face. Despite the refusal of some designers, including Saint Laurent, to participate in fashion weeks, most of the brands presented their collections both in an online and offline format. The supporters of traditional presentations gave us special joy - it seems that we have only now fully felt how much we missed real fashion shows!

Paris Fashion Week is absolutely not inferior to its predecessor. In addition to very curious and some fresh collections, this week claims the right to go down in fashion history for at least two reasons - the first collection of the new Givenchy creative director Matthew Williams and Kate Moss' 18-year-old daughter Lila Grace Moss' catwalk debut for Miu Miu. By the way, Miu Miu fashion show also distinguished itself with one extravagant detail - some models had shaved eyebrows in the spirit of the 90s big trend. Talking about other catchy moments, we couldn't get past the Schiaparelli's gold creepy fake eyes, Rokh's elf hairstyling, and Rick Owens' cyber OTK boots.

It has not been without general trends - some designers continued to dissolve the boundaries between masculine and feminine silhouettes, talk about sexuality through the use of latex, rough leather, and even BDSM paraphernalia like belts and chains. Others stalked in the 90s and 2000s, were inspired by fishing nets, and did not forget agitating to vote!


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