A big choice to make! Vogue has finally announced the best outfits of the #MetGalaChallenge | World Fashion Channel

A big choice to make! Vogue has finally announced the best outfits of the #MetGalaChallenge

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05 May 2020

Even though the annual fancy-ball Met Gala was moved to the virtual space, it was really fun! #MetGalaChallenge created by Vogue magazine and actor Billy Porter received the big response of the Mat Gala fans and those who just like to dress up. As we wrote earlier, the task was to remember the best Met Gala outfit and try to reconstruct it.

For several weeks, the participants have been making costumes from any facilities whilst posting their results on *******. Old newspapers, Christmas garlands, fresh flowers, and other materials that follow the growing sustainability trend were used to recreate the best looks. All of them were so stunning that it was not easy to choose the best ones. However, Vogue and Billy Porter have managed to do it together and finally posted the selection of the most fascinating looks on Vogue.com and its official ******* profile as well.

Here are some of them.



Hollywood stars did not stand aside. While fans were digging through the long-standing Met Gala's archives in search of a better outfit, the celebrities did the very practical approach.

Julia Roberts was wearing a chic fluffy Carolina Herrera dress in which she appeared on the cover of Entertainment Weekly two years ago. In the photo, she poses while standing by the huge window of her bathtub with a glass of champagne. Roberts wrote a playful caption on her *******:

"Here's me...not going to the Met Ball tonight."



Meanwhile, Amanda Seyfried took some fabulous pictures on the farm wearing a dark blue long dress with floral print with heavy black boots. And yes, the actress decided to leave her bag at home to play with motley chicken!



Priyanka Chopra chose a simple denim sundress, complementing it with a toy tiara on her head, once again proving the simplicity of genius.


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