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Simon Porte Jacquemus is going to review his plans for the future

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08 May 2020

This news hit like a bolt from the blue during virtual conference Vogue Global Conversations. Speaking to Mexican Vogue editor-in-chief Karla Martinez, Simon Porte Jacquemus admitted that it was time to move beyond the fashion industry. But do not jump to conclusions about closing the brand: the designer only thought about trying himself in other areas besides fashion.



Jacquemus noted that he wants to think more broadly, and be free from the fast rhythm of the fashion industry, too tight schedules of shows, and an endless pursuit of profit.

In this period, I didn’t know if my job was good enough. I asked myself ‘Why I’m doing this?” and it helped me to think out of the box and to understand that I can be someone else, not only the designer, and to do a lot of things… It helped me to feel freer, in a way, and make good decisions without thinking about numbers,” he commented. 

Recently, the designer switched to his own schedule, cutting the number of produced collections from six to two per year.

A year ago, I decided to slow down my company and think the way my grandparents do— (collections for) summer and winter, and not more,” he said. “It was really refreshing for my team to have more time. It was an important move for us, and right now in this crisis, we feel, in a way, better (about what we do).”



The designer also emphasized the need to review the consumption of luxurious goods.

The way people consume fast fashion is a problem, but they consume our fashion the same way. We have to reeducate everyone if we want things to change,” Jacquemus said. 

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