Women’s Pantsuits 2020: Style Guide

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For many seasons, a pantsuit remains the main symbol of power dressing. In order to make it easier for you to navigate the frightening variety, we’ve compiled for you a guide to trendy pantsuits 2020.


The history of pantsuits

The history of women's pantsuits began in the 30’s. It was at this time, when Marlene Dietrich appeared on the pages of Vogue in a summer suit-deuce. However, going out in public in a pantsuit was still considered too bold and inappropriate. The women's pantsuit did deserve public approval only in 1960. Six years later, Yves Saint Laurent presented the elegant Le Smoking for the evening outs.

During this decade, fashion was quite controversial. Some believed that the pantsuit on the woman contributes to the destruction of gender norms, while others called this item of clothing indispensable for urban everyday life. Today, a pantsuit is not just a fundamental piece of every woman's wardrobe, but also the most fashionable statement of the feminist movement.

The main trends for 2020 women's costume

When studying how to choose a stylish pantsuit, it’s important to focus on trends. In 2020, pantsuits, consisting of an elongated jacket and loose-cut pants - flared, cropped, culottes, Palazzo – will be trendy. Bright colors, prints and monochrome looks will also be popular in 2020.

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Fashionable classic women's pantsuit

For example, a black double-breasted jacket and wide-leg pants are a classic that should exist in any wardrobe. A lot depends on the cut of a suit: the jacket should sit strictly on the shoulders, and the pants shouldn’t be too short. You can complement the image with unusual accessories and bright makeup. This suit will be effectively combined with both heels and snow-white sneakers.


Oversized Women's suit

Oversize and romance have long ceased to be a fashionable oxymoron. The suit, as if it was taken from the man's shoulder, looks very harmonious on the female body. If you find this look unusual, you can complement the suit with a stylish belt at the waist. A light suit with a boxy jacket and wide-leg pants looks sweet and romantic, while an oversized jacket, worn next to the body, will create a provocative, sexy look. A jacket with a deep-V will help to visually lengthen the figure, so this suit will fit short girls.


For social events, stars often choose oversized pantsuits. For example, Lady Gaga looks very stylish in a suit of this cut. The singer balanced the voluminous clothes with a smooth hairstyle and lack of accessories.

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Plaid pantsuits

Many designers believe that the key point of a women's suit is a plaid: tattesall, "Prince of Wales", tartan, pied-de-poule. In the autumn/winter 2020 season, brown women’s suits will be extremely trendy. Plaid not only diversifies this model, but also gives the look some mystery and individuality.

Trendy printed pantsuits

In 2020, printed pantsuits will be extremely trendy. Stylists suggest to combine suits of this design with sneakers, cowboy boots and interesting models of handbags. The more traditional fashion rules you break, the more interesting your outfit will look like. Floral print on a pantsuit will help to expand the boundaries of the usual classics. Suits of bright colors or unusual style will become the basis of a successful evening look.


Kristen Stewart is a big fan of all kinds of pantsuit. In the girl’s wardrobe there are models with floral prints, oversize and bright colors.

Velour pantsuits

Velour pantsuit models look incredibly feminine and charming. And they are extremely comfortable, so this suit is perfect to go for a walk around the city and to the fashion party. In 2020, velour suits with straight, cropped pants or flared trousers will be on-trend.

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Trendy street style suits

Sportswear was no longer used only in training. Especially now, when knitted suits look so gentle and comfortable. Many street style stars prefer to wear such suits with shoes, but it is easier to combine this model with sneakers. A high-quality and stylish sport-chic suit usually turns out to be the most indispensable item while traveling. Accessories are not prohibited in this look, but you shouldn’t abuse them. 

Pantsuits with a vest

Usually, a vest in such suits, strictly fits and ends just below the waist line. It can be either male – type with a pronounced shoulder line, or female. This pantsuit can be complemented with rough boots, lace blouse and cuffs. You can also recreate Cara Delevingne’s outfit, donning one of the main trends of the coming season – a three-piece suit.

Trendy denim pantsuit

Denim remains relevant in any season. The tandem of two-piece denim – jacket and pants still looks stylish and impressive. Such suits can be combined with a pastel silk shirt and suede boots. Another option is to go into sporty style and match a denim suit with a trendy crop top and white sneakers.

Pantsuits with a top and a blouse for spring/summer

For the warm season, it’s better to choose a pantsuit with a top in the format of a bright blouse or top. In such a suit, you can go for a walk or an open-air party. Summer pantsuits look spectacular with a floral or abstract print, bright embroideries, patterns or appliqués.

Evening pantsuits

An evening pantsuit is a good alternative to an elegant dress. Top fabrics for the upcoming spring/summer 2020 season are velvet, silk, satin. This year, you can’t do without sequins and metallized fabrics. Many celebrities actively attend red carpets in evening pantsuits. Sophisticated makeup, elegant hairstyle and high heels will be a great addition to a spectacular look.


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